The Free Inquisitors of Sharn

The Mad Bomber (Part 2) or Ka Boom and we're not on a Boat

Ka Boom and we’re not on a Boat

What Happened

- A rolling battle on a Lyrander skyship that ended in the explosion of the ship, the death of 31 citizens of Sharn, several members of Daask, and a lot of property damage.


- Iyanna ir’Talon get’s reprimanded in private and praised in public at the same time. She’s put on a short leash by her superiors.

- The FIoS are rewarded for their efforts in destroying the ship with what they were promised and in the papers. Unfortunantly there are a bunch of wrongful death and property damage civil suits. The next couple of weeks end with the FIoS breaking just about even after paying the rent for this month and next. Iyanna gets them off the hook for any trouble that may land them in jail.

- Niku finds a message in the goblin from Metalhand.

- An Article in the Koranberg Cronicle highlights what is known about the FIoS after they saved the day. I need to know if you don’t wish to be highlighted in this article and what steps you take to avoid it.

A couple more notes

- Gadget wakes up in a bed of a blacksmith somewhere in Sharn. The explosion tumbled Gadget down into Sharns depths. Gadget has a metal girder through the left arm and doesn’t remember anything.

- Grigore wakes in an alley covered in rags not sure where he is or what happened. The last thing he remembers is feeling the flames and seeing one of the towers of Sharn rushing up to meet him through the wall of force.


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