The Free Inquisitors of Sharn

The Mad Bomber (Part 1)

What Happened

- Iyanna ir’ Talon hires The FIoS to discover the Terrorist Baal’s newest plot rumored to be the destruction of the King’s Citadel.

- The FIoS track down leads concerning the destroyed barrels and oil used in the attacks and who makes them. This leads to the docks of Sharn and breaking into the Kings Citadel’s Dark Lantern Evidence locker.

- Infiltrating the Kings Citadel learned the barrels belonged to two companies, Lamp Lighter’s and We Make Lamp Oil, and garnered a copy of the exploding runes scrolls who were supposedly made by Cavallah.

- Investigating the docks learned Rick Jass, a possible associate of Daask, would come down to We Make Lamp Oil often. Speaking with Lydia Flame discovered false ledgers and real ones showing an address in Kyber’s Gate where large shipments of oil have been delivered.

- Dr. Gregory Evenstal of House Canniths Program choose this moment to make him move to try and take Katarina and Niku. He failed but escaped.

- The address in Kyber’s Gate turned out to be a drug house. A peaceful solution of words led to an even great problem in the plot to destroy the King’s citadel is in motion and it involves a House Lyrander ship.

Other Tidbits

- Lem’s Darker half scores some Dragon’s Blood from Sliv.

- Gadget meets with here Dark Lantern buddy Dak at The Washbowl

- Niku met with Bardock Metalhand and asked him to drop off any information at the goblin statue in front of his apartment.

- Jacobi met a Daask Mindflayer who seemed to deal in good faith.

- Penny Platinum was introduced as the FIoS’s secretary and is friends with Katrina.

- Skrivous “Skriv” Goshenber is a Dassk Drug cutter.


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