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What Happened to the Last Free Inquisitor

“Sharn is a cluster fuck of corruption, greed, and destitution…and those are just the upper districts. When I think of what’s in the lower towers I shudder, but hey, I gotta make a buck, and all I’m good at is finding out the answers. It’s not always pretty, it’s not always nice, but I’ll do the job…assuming you can pay me.”

A gentleman in a suit nods in assent. Smalls smiles.

“So you said you want me to find your uncles will. I can do that. It’ll be two gold a day plus expenses, and I’ll need a weeks retainer up front. As long as that’s ok we can do some business.”

The gentleman pulls out a pouch, and drops it on the table with a clink.

“I think that should cover the retainer. I look forward to the results you boast of Mr. Smalls.”

Smalls picks up the pouch and starts unwinding the cord holding it closed.

“You’re going to count it in front of me. I thought I had an honest face?”

“Force of habit,” says Smalls as he continues unwinding the cord.

The gentleman hmmm’s Smalls response as the cord finally comes loose. Smalls dumps the coins on the desk, and drops the pouch, but the pouch doesn’t fall to the ground. Instead it opens wide, and darts towards Small’s face slapping over his mouth and nose. The gentleman smiles as he moves forward grabbing Small’s arms, sliding the chair hard to the wall, and placing a knee across Smalls legs, trapping him. Smalls looks into his attacker face, eyes widening even more, as the gentleman changes into another man. This one has a scar over his right eye, darker hair, and a broken tooth.

“Jensen wanted you to know he paid for this and requested you see his face before you died.”

The face changes again, this time into a pretty brunette with a dimple.

“Then he wanted you to see her face. Wanted you to know she was dead. His exact words were tell that dirty bastard Smalls he fucked with the wrong guy this time, or better yet, he fucked the wrong guys wife. I thought it was a little much but that’s what the client paid for. Death by suffocation, those words, and two faces. You should be honored. Death like that costs a pretty piece.”

Smalls tries to struggle, but the gentleman has leverage and strength. A minute goes by, then another, when the third is over the gentleman releases the lifeless Small’s. He changes again, this time into Smalls, walks to the door, snaps his fingers bringing the pouch flying back to his hand, takes Small’s coat off the rack, and disappears into the masses of Sharn.

The Free Inquisitors of Sharn

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