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This isn’t a WIki but a list of NPC’s

Dark Lanterns

  • Dak Jones – Dark Lantern using the Washroom


  • Baal – Terrorist who has commited several heinous acts against the citizens of Sharn because he believes all of Breland is populated by murderers who wouldn’t admit their sin’s so now they shall die in the name of justice.
  • *Desir Pase – Survivor of the Skybomb attack from Daask perpetrated by the Terrorist Baal.

Nobles of Sharn

  • Iyanna ir’Talon – Commander of Black Arch garrison of Sharn. Allie of the FIoS or MPIoS depending on who you ask.
  • Miranda ir’Talon – Iyanna’s cousin and corrupt captain of the another garrison.

ir’Kavay Family – Old money of Sharn. Below are pertinent family members.

  • Beth ir’Kavay – Strong supporter of the Program because of her son Gavin’s involvement.
  • Gavin ir’ Kavay – 11 year old boy who had his birth defect gimp arm replaced with a warforged arm as part of his involvement with the program.
  • Ren ir’Kavay – Patriarch of the Kavay family. Son is part of the program. Told Jocaobi Crowly of a project EveRon which is funded by Program money.

ir’Thadian Family – The largest landowners in Breland. They make their money and hold their power through their wheat sales. They are Sharn’s largest provider.

  • Breyden ir’Thadian – Patriarch of the ir’Thadian family. Supporter of the program and was last seen at a party hosted by the ir’Zarna’s in the company of Lydia d’Deneith and Merrix d’Cannith.

ir’Zarna Family – These nobles built themselves up in the middle of the last war when a mine was taken over and became lucrative for Breland and House Cannith’s warforge production. When the war ended they were powerful and part of the Sharn 60 but with the war’s end profits fell. A hard blow was struck when several of their rivals convinced the Breland monarchy to install some harsh tariffs on the exporting of iron ore, crippling the family further. Before they went bankrupt some deal was made with a powerful and rich organization and their mines started raking in the cash again.

  • Habra ir’Zarna – Angry at her husband Duran for the deal he made with Merrix d’Cannith which led to the kidnapping of their daughter Isti. She even went so far as to begin sleeping with her and Duran’s old boyhood friend Tenson Ebinor who’s currently the captain of the ir’Zarna house guards. She is in the process of ending the affair since one of the guards has learned of it and is blackmailing her and Tenson.
  • Duran ir’Zarna – Made a deal with Merrix d’Cannith to have iron ore shipped to his forge hold in the Cog’s and to keep the purchases off the books. Duran looked into what was going on with Merrix’s operation and determined the amount of materials he was using wasn’t producing the pieces for the partforged. In looking into it further he discovered information that a good number of the part forged weren’t in the public record. When Merrix found out he had his daughter Isti kidnapped.
  • Isti ir’Zarna – Kidnapped daughter of Habra and Duran. She is being held in the Cannith forgehold in the Cog’s.
  • Tensen Ebinor – Captain of the ir’Zarna house guard and Duran and Habra’s childhood friend. Had an affair with Habra after Isti was kidnapped. Feels bad but is in love with Habra.

House Cannith

  • Merrix d’Cannith – One of the three Baron’s of house Cannith. He is the primary mover and shaker of the Program in Sharn.
  • Dr. Gregory Evenstal – One of the lead artificers on the Program. He’s been known to get his hands dirty to help take part forged off the street to help experiment on them. Seems to be currently in charge of the group known as Prism.
  • Prism – Elite warforge supersoldier team which does the dirty work for house Cannith.
    Current roster:
  • Black 0 – Assassin type
  • White 1 – Leader healer type
  • Red 2 – striker melee type
  • Green 3 – Poison ranged type
  • Blue 4 – Warlock type with dark powers.
  • Orange 5 – Fire striker type
  • Violet 6 – Lurker invisible type
  • Grey 7 – Swordmage type

House Deneith

  • Lydia d’Deneith – Working with house Cannith on the Program, was seen with Breyden ir’Thadian and Merrix d’Cannith at a very notable party. She is also Grigori’s supervisor at the house Deneith enclave of Dragon Towers. She’s a lieutenant.
  • Riki Tolri – One of Grigori’s mooks at the House Denieth enclave.
  • Korsir Toppe – A Twin of Teron’s, friend of Gadget’s, and assistant trainer at the enclave.
  • Teron Toppe – A Twin of Korsir’s, friend of Gadget’s, and assistant trainer at the enclave.
  • *Kamiel d’Denieth – The other lieutenant at the Dragon Towers Enclave. Short woman with short hair, curved sword, and stocky well muscled body.
  • Hagro d’Denith – Commander of the Dragon Towers enclave. Isn’t seen very much by his recruits.
  • Lars Helmsworth – Reporter for the Sharn Inquisitive.
  • Kent Clarksworth – Repoerter for the Koranburg Chronicle.

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