Drama Point Rules

- You gain a drama point when you take an action that has some bearing on the game which relates to your characters concept or theme.

- You need to remind the GM when you’ve taken an action or series of actions that is consistent with your characters concept and creates drama in the game world.

- Acting in character is not enough to gain a drama point. You need to take some action that effects a scene in order to gain a drama point.

ex: Katrina is told to get out of the way by Black zero. Katrina tells him no in a tremulous voice. She’s obviously scared but is standing firm with resolve. (This isn’t enough for a drama point) White Zero tries to pass by Katrina to chase after Lock Jaw but Katrina gets in her way. (Now Katrina gains a drama point. She has not only caused a dramatic moment but acted on her dramatic initative.) White zero turns on Katrina and beats her within an inch of her life but she escapes with Grigores help.

ex: There is a house the FIoS wish to get into to inspect for leads to a terrorist plot. It’s also a known drug house. Lem volunteers to go purchase drugs. (No drama point yet) He makes his way into the house and begins a dialogue to purchase the drugs. The deal goes smoothly and no one gets hurt. (Now Lem gets the drama point because he got the intel and did it without causing a fight.)

Drama Point Rules

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