The Free Inquisitors of Sharn

Dinner, Death, and Deneith

What Happened
- There was a party at the ir’Zarna estate.
- Jacobi Crowly was there as Iyanna ir’Talon’s guest.
- Merrix d’Cannith was there with Lydia d’Deneith.
- Jacobi worked the crowed and learned things using his psychic chat powers.
- A young man broke in claiming Merrix had kidnapped his paramour Isti ir’Zarna. Jacobi clamed him down and then the lights went out and he was killed. Jacobi felt a large psychic presence in the room.

- Grigori and Gadget went back to Dragon Towers to speak with people there concerning their suspicions about the advanced training program and Lydia d’Deneith.
- They ran into some friends and conversed with Kamiel d’Deneith.

What was learned

- There is a project called EveRon which is being funded by program money.

- Isti ir’Zarna was taken by Merrix d’Cannith and is being held in the Cannith Forge hold as leverage on Duran ir’Zarna who could prove Merrix has been keeping part forged records out of the public eye.

- It seems the ir’Thadian family is smuggling dragon’s blood into Sharn and distributing it to the Tyrants and Daask on behalf of house Cannith.

- Lem caught the back end of a conversation after dosing Beth ir’Kavay with dragons blood twice. The conversation was between Merrix d’Cannith, Lydia d’Deneith, and Breyden ir’Thadian. Lem heard Merrix telling Lydia the Warforge she wanted were almost done and would be delivered as soon as her work with house Cannith and project EveRon was completed.

- Grigori found out the Dragon Tower Deneith commander isn’t seen much.

- Gadget discovered once people go into the advanced training program they aren’t really the same.


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