The Free Inquisitors of Sharn

Dark Dreams and Part Forged Disappearances

What Happened

- Jacobi learns there are Quori in Eberron from a dream and they have some connection to House Deneith.

- Niku finds a message in the goblin by his apartment from Metal Hand.
- This leads to the Broken Gargoyle where Metal Hand isn’t but Lock Jaw and Jasper Locke are, they are both Part forged.
- Metal Jaw doesn’t show and Jasper relates his friends Channa and Himo didn’t show either and Metal Hand was supposed to tell them about what was happening to the Part Forged in Sharn. This led to checking out Channa’s apartment which Lock Jaw had a key for.
- At Channa’s apartment it’s discovered a struggle has occurred. Lock Jaw remembers where Channa kept her journal which tells of house Cannith taking program members off the street and taking them to a warehouse in the Stores on 17th street.
- Channa’s door breaks in and 8 different enameled warforge with call signs from Black Zero to Grey Seven attack trying to take the Part Forged.
- Niku learns the warforge were sent by Dr. Evenstal, head of The Program.

- Gadget woke up and didn’t understand what was going on having forgot everything.
- Gadget learned the trade of a Blacksmith and tinkerer.
- Gadget was taken care of by Loren Smyth, a not so good blacksmith who is now better for knowing Gadget.
- Dak Jones found Gadget after Grigore put an Ad in the Korranberg Chronicle.

What was Learned

- There are Quori in Sharn.
- The Warehouse on 17th has something to do with the Part Forged disappearing in Sharn.


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