The Free Inquisitors of Sharn

A Touching Tale of Smithing and Torture.

What Happened
- You found Gadget.
- Gadgets new friend Earl Magantis lost all his blacksmithing wares to Bobby McGee, A Halfling from the Boromar Clan.
- You scoped out the Warehouse on 17th
- You captured and tortured a Cannith artificer.

What You Learned
- Gadget has lost portions of its memory.
- House Cannith, Jorasco, and Denieth are working together on a project involving creating Super Warforge soldiers and transferring living minds into Warforge shells.
- Dr. Gregory Evanstal is in charge of the lab with assistance from Lydia d’Denieth.

What’s going to Happen
- Niku is organizing the Part forged to try and smuggle as many of them out of the city on the lightning rail as possible.
- Earl is being taken care of by Dak Jones and the Washroom crew.
- Jacobi has gotten himself into a party with the big wigs of Eberron to see who might be in with the Program and who opposes it. He’s Iyanna ir’ Talon’s +1.
- Grigori and others are going to speak with people at House Denieth concerning the Program.


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